Gheralta Tigrai
and relax

From the 7th century Ethiopian Christianity created in eastern Tigrai a series of magnificent churches and monasteries: more than two hundred have been visited and studied and around thirty are proposed for visits by all recent tourist guides.
Let us know your preferences and we will offer you an
itinerary in the Gheralta territory (and also in adjacent
Tembien, Wombertà e Tsaeda Imba) selecting the
churches to be visited on the base of historical
classification (from the 7th to the 18th century) and on
how to reach them: near the main roads, with easy
walks or with difficult rocky paths.

If you want to relax, we propose an easy thirty minute
walk inside the lodge’s borders, with a scenic view on the
mountains, really unforgettable at sunrise or sunset.
You can also enjoy watching the birds near the ficus
trees or from the rocks.

Otherwise the Tekla Haymanot church is a short walk away,
where you can take part in colourful religious ceremonies
and visit the ancient zone, carved in the 13th century.