(Only from September to May)

Visit the old monastery and at the same time experience the culture, the history, the spirituality and the nature of this area. It is also a de- tech holiday, in a remote and rugged territory.


This corner of the Tigray region, even nowadays far from the main touristic circuit, is still able to offer a rural and authentic daily life experience to visitors. The area is mostly populated by the Irobs, a small ethnic group that lives in the northern regions of Ethiopia, characterized by its own culture and traditions. As they have been isolated for centuries, they are able to maintain their own language, Saho, and preserve ancient agricultural practices through the usage of terracing and an ingenious irrigation system. The itinerary is characterized by breathtaking landscapes, very different from the ones that we can enjoy in the other parts of the region, with high mountain chains that fall into deep gorges. On their banks; the rivers supply green gardens of orange trees, banana trees - famous in the whole of Ethiopia, they are crucial for the economy of the region. The river Gunda Gunde flows at the end of the canyon and the homonymous monastery, protected by the mountains, is located here.
It was built in the 14th century and preserves one of the biggest collections of manuscripts in the Ge’ez language in Ethiopia. The monastic complex is still home to many monks and emanates an intense spirituality that has been spread throughout the valley for centuries.

The excursion offers to visitors the possibility of experiencing all aspects of this world, which step by step will not fail to impress you. The following itinerary is created to avoid walking during the hottest hours of the day, considering that the majority of the paths are exposed to the sun.


Please bear in mind that due to the steep terrain during the itinerary, the excursion is recommended ONLY for fit people. Women cannot enter the Monastery but only the church dedicated to them.

Participants will pass the first night at Gheralta lodge where they will meet the guide for introduction and preparation. The excursion is planned in 3 days.

In the first day drive to Geblen village (2.700 m asl) and descent to the monastery (859 m a.s.l.) with a rest in a local house for lunch (in the hottest hours) and one more in the picturesque village of Mekarabur. Set up of the tents near the Monastery.

In the second day visit of the ancient monastery and start the way back towards the panoramic village of Nayloweyti, where a local family will host the group for dinner and night.

In the third day wake up at dawn to take the path for Geblen where, after 3 hours walk, the group will find the car to go back at Gheralta lodge.

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